How to become certified

When you have spent so much time, resources and money developing a product, ensuring it passes product certification can feel like a minor step towards making it market-ready.

In reality, this is a crucial stage that can make or break your project and even prevent it from ever reaching the shelves.

The paths towards product certification can be highly complex.

It can require a lot of time spent reviewing requirements, completing paperwork, and successfully completing demanding third-party testing.

It’s easy to get lost in the myriad details that underpin product certification.  The time required for evaluation and testing processes can be seriously underestimated. If you don’t get the right product certification for your products, the costs can have a major impact on your plans.

Why You Need Product Certification

Product certification is best looked at as an endorsement. Your customer will know your product is reliable and your company values health, safety and high standards. It’s more than just a legal requirement; it shows your customers they can trust your product and that there is a high-quality guarantee it will work as intended.

The Easy, Cost-Effective Way To Secure Product Certification

With OC your product certification needs become far easier to reach. You get in-person analysis and specialised advice that ensure your products can be sold in regions around the world. Protecting your investment in product development and boosting sales success.

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