Bluetooth® is a technology you will find almost everywhere. Since it was first created by Ericsson in 1994, you will see the familiar Bluetooth® icon adorning a vast range of products, all able to connect with each other without wires.

If you have only a modest amount of technology in your home you are likely to own about 5 Bluetooth® enabled devices, including your mobile phone, laptop, printer and television.

Embedding Bluetooth® into your products is a popular feature. Buyers love it for the easy way they can connect products together quickly. From putting music from your phone through speakers to transferring data between devices, it’s simple to use and reliable too. It makes sense then to incorporate Bluetooth® into your product, especially with the growth of IoT.

Offering Bluetooth® is not just a case of merely specifying a chipset. Bluetooth® is carefully managed and operates a strict approval policy before allowing you to sell a product claiming to use Bluetooth®. Before you can sell a Bluetooth® enabled product it must be approved that it complies with their regulations. If you don’t, your products will be impounded by customs’ authorities and subject to Bluetooth® SIG enforcement actions. The last thing you want is for all the time and money spent developing your product to be wasted.

Navigating the path to achieving Bluetooth® compliance can be easy.

OC is the leading Bluetooth® consultant in the UK. Our expertise in helping you to secure Bluetooth® certification is unrivalled. We’ve helped businesses avoid making major errors in their Bluetooth® certification in the past, and ensured they were able to display the Bluetooth® logo on their products more cost-effectively than trying to do it themselves.

If you want to be able to promote Bluetooth® in your product, contact us and discover how to become Bluetooth® certified, easily.